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The Green Book for April is now out, containing the latest in my series of regular security articles which will continue throughout 2013 (and probably beyond - I've still got a long list of topices to cover!). You can see the content of these items by clicking on the Articles links below. This month's piece is all about the vital importance of using Internet Security software.

This month has been quite a mixture of work, with probably the most common theme being new connections and general cleanups. if there are any clubs or organisations in the area... I've also spent a little time working to prepare a talk / presentation about keeping safe online - so if there are any clubs or organisations in the area who would like to take advantage of me at one of your meetings, please give me a call to discuss.

Please keep safe and secure at all times - if in doubt, ask for help!

This month has once again seen a lot of activity in the release of security updates for all the main operating systems and background applications / plugins (for more information on this subject, see Safety Article #3), so here's my regular statement which is well worth repeating - don't forget to make sure you keep your machine fully updated for security patches, Java Updates, anti-virus definitions etc. The bad guys don't let up I'm afraid so there will always be a need to keep vigilant. There are some guidance notes on how to check for and manage updates for Windows, Java and FlashPlayer here in the document library.

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