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1) 2012-Nov-09

Latest announcements from LadyBird Computing are now available on Twitter and Google+ - why not "Follow" us....

It seems to have been a busy few weeks, but strangely not a lot to report.

Still finding our feet on Google+ and Twitter, but trying to keep the momentum going so please do try to take a look and perhaps follow us, leave nice comments, ask questions etc. As announced in the last newsletter, whenever I see anything useful or important in the Twitter world I'll be re-tweeting it as well and I promise all tweets will be relevant and worthwhile.

2) 2012-Nov-09

Well the Get Safe Online Week has been and gone now - Get Safe Online Week is over - but that shouldn't stop you passing on online safety tips to friends, family, colleagues, neighbours .... 22nd to 26th October saw lots of activity in five cities around the UK, with other smaller events also being held. Get Safe Online is a jointly funded initiative between the government and businesses, aiming to help everyone to stay safe with everything they do online. The Get Safe Online website at is a huge source of helpful advice and links etc so well worth a visit.

3) 2012-Nov-09

LadyBird Computing is now contributing to the Green Book

The Get Safe Online Week article appeared in the October edition of the Green Book (officially the Over Wyre and Garstang Focus Magazines) in support of the GSOLW activities. The next article was due to appear in November, but was unfortunately held over due to large volume of submissions last month. However, it has been confirmed that my regular pieces will now start in January and continue through out the year.

The new Online Safety section in this website will be live before then - so keep watching this space, or follow me on Twitter to see an announcement.

4) 2012-Nov-09

Finally for now, a mention of security updates news etc. It's always vitally important to Please, please, please.... keep on top of your security updates keep your machines completely up-to-date in the fight against viruses and other problems. This includes your operating system and office products (using Microsoft Update), anti-virus/security packages, Java, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player and any other browser software or plugins.

I will be covering this in much more detail in the forthcoming security section, but in the meantime please check out the instructions in the Documents Library for some guidance on how to check for and install both Java updates and Adobe Flash Player updates - it really is important!

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